It´s about Empowering You to Choose Beer

Better beer understanding – Creating beer memories – Better beer choices – Finding the beer that makes your food sing – Better Connections

Beer Culture

Beer culture is about Humanity and Nature It’s about feelings, colours, shapes and beer flavours.

Beer Intelligence

Easing Beer Choice

Beer School

Reeinventing Beer Education

Beer Courses

The Courses cover theory and practice and intend to achieve full beer understanding, appreciation and beer speaking.
Beer Begginer Course

Beer Beginner

Beer Beginner is a 1-day course(7 hours) created for anyone looking for an outstanding introduction to beer

Beer Believer Course

Beer Believer

Beer Believer is a 3-day course (21 hours) created for anyone looking for a deeper beer knowledge and a better beer speaking

Beer-Activist Course

Beer Activist

Beer Activist is a 5-day course (32 hours) created for liders who want to disrupt the rules of beer mndset and create more value for beer business