Beer Culture

Beer culture is about Humanity and Nature It’s about feelings, colours, shapes and beer flavours.

Brewing | Beer History

Most people act as if there were no secrets left to find

Beer has a long history and the arrival of Science in brewing is quite recent. Science brought beer enlightement and openess, but some of beer wonder was lost.

Modern Brewmasters believe that beer is magic but they don´t believe in magic.

Until the Industrial Revolution Beer was considered an art, full of amazing stories, mysteries and secrets. If we look for stories in Beer history we will find them.

Beer Ingredients I

Bittersweet simphony

Beer four basic ingredients are simply Nature: Water, Cereal (malted barley), Hops and Yeast. Each of them splits in many variants that bring beer diversity and richness.

But Nature made the Brewer’s work difficult. Barley is very hard and don´t have the right composition. That`s why barley needs to be transfomed into malt, getting smoother and changing composition.

Inside the Brewery, Water and Malt originate the brewing wort that will feed the yeast. This process is hard and hot, it`s the hardest part. Hop is used to reveal bitterness and flavor during wort boiling.

Beer Ingredients II

Cold little heart

Brewing wort is than cooled according to the Yeast preferences.

Brewing wort pleases only  the Yeast, not Humans. It`s viscous, sweet and cloying.

But Yeast can do magic. It creates likeliness from wort. New flavours arise, others just vanish. And the colour change and the tingliness arrives. Beer is born.

Some beer styles are spiced with fresh hops and new flavours spark from the cold.

Brewing is hearing Yeast heartbeat.

Brewing Process

Power over Brewing

Beer productive process is the summ of many steps. It`s important to have a global vision and the knowledge of the specifity in order to control it . Process impacts yeast performance, beer quality as well other operacional areas.

Always Human power over the process.

Beer Judge

Put a little love on Beer

Beer Judging is a non-profit activity; beer Judges stand only for beer and  the people who love it.

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Beer Sommelier

Shine a light in your Beer

Amazing Brewmastery creates, whatever it takes, beer Enlightement.

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