Empowering Humans to Choose Beer. Know more about Amazing Brewmastery Project.
Beatriz Carvalho Amazing Brewmastery

Meet the team

Beatriz is a Chemical Engineer and she was chosen by beer in 1987.

She started working in a big scale brewery and was enchanted by brewing. She studied Brewing Science and experienced a full range of brewing related activities: research, innovation, development, quality, brewing process, marketing and communication.

In 2012 she took the Beer Sommelier course and four years later she left the company of a lifetime and started working as a freelancer.

She became Beer Judge BJCP. Beatriz followed the brewing yeast to Naples, were she reached the dream of being a Pizzaiuola Verace Napoletana in 2017.

One year later she founded start up Amazing Brewmastery Brewing Consultancy.

The time she spent outside professional brewing had a big impact on her work. She developed a new multidisciplinary approach and new ways to communicate and spread beer culture.

Call it Beer Womanity.

Our Mantra

Our Mantra

Empowering Humans to Choose Beer

Amazing Brewmastery eases the Choice of Beer by Humans.

Beer is a very complex subject and the majority of Humans don’t know how to choose a beer style. The lack of understanding difficults beer appreciation,  the creation of beer memories and beer valorization.

We solve this problem by creative beer culture evangelization, easing beer learning and powering beer content to digital.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Inspiring Humans to Reshape the Future of Beer

The future of beer will be reshaped by engagement of new kinds of Humans to Beer. Let the right ones come in.

We will seek for the pretty view of beer, creating amazing new opportunities for people and businesses. We will also reach a more responsible beer appreciation through beer awareness.